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October 10, 2008


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Jill - I had no idea this is what happened to you! How awful! A few weeks ago I was baking a chocolate bobke to freeze for Yom Kippur and the power went out in the middle. Fortunately, my mom/dad live 5 minutes away and they had power so I rushed the bobke down the road and stuck it in their oven. It fell a little, but still turned out. PHEW

Anne-Marie at A Mama's Rant

Been there. I was baking two (premade) pies in the oven and couldn't figure out why it wasn't cooking since the oven was hot. My husband's aunt and uncle were over and I was trying to make a good impression. Well, the element had burnt out and I had to call my neighbor to ask if she'd let me borrow her oven. I left one pie at her house (with four kids I knew her pie would be gone in a flash) and took the other baked one back to my house for dessert. Luckily, I could order the heating element online.

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