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December 16, 2012


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Kim Tracy Prince

I find it very powerful that this is your first post in a month, Jill. And very well expressed.


Kim, I find it super hard to find time to post anymore. So without guilt, I write only when I'm moved to. And lately, notsomuch. Though I feel another coming on right... about... now.


Hi Jill,
Way to stand up for what you believe.
I've scoured the web for the best response to "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" and here are my two favorite:

1. Very well, I challenge you to a duel. You bring a person, I'll bring a gun.

2. Lawn mowers don't mow lawns, people now lawns. But it sure as shit takes a lot longer to mow the lawn without a lawn mower!

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Immigration & Naturalization

I agree with colorado.If executive are there in the schools,than how this type of occasions are happened in the schools.Is there no rule or law for people who keep guns in the schools..?


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